About this Site
 As the proud owner of two pitbulls, I wanted a site to not only "show them off" but to also try to make people aware of what incredible pets they are.
  We all know the myths about pittbulls, they have a reputation that is not deserving. They are highly intelligent, loyal, fun loving, sensitive and energetic dogs.  
 Hopefully, by education, we can show the  many good sides of these wonderful dogs.
Lily and Sheba taking a break
Myths...Let's Separate Fact from Fiction
Click on baby Lily for some facts and fallacies about  
the American Pitbull. Also known as the American Staffordshire Terrier.
Keeping Your Pitbull Happy!
Click on the rawhide to the left to learn what toys and chews are best suited for your Pitt. They are major chewers and most bones don't last 5 minutes, lol!
Pictures, Pictures and more Pictures!!
Click on Sheba for some great photos of pitbulls, along with more of my Sheba and Lily! Along with different breeds of my friends dogs, cause they are my friends and this is my site and I can do what I want, heh.
SEND ME YOUR PICTURES! I'd love to post pictures of your pitbull (you can be in there too if you want, heh)
PITBULL RELATED STUFF! Where to find T-shirts, posters, books and other related paraphenelia.
COOL LINKS! Helpful links, information and other cool stuff from my favorite pitbull/staffie sites!
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